Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ottawa Open Mic : What to expect with Tim Melanson...

Ottawa open mic (or open stage) at what used to be Rasputin's, was my first exposure to the Ottawa music scene. I remember going up on stage for the first time... It was exhilarating and exciting. The two musicians that were with me were first timers as well. They were both crapping themselves out of nervousness, but I remember being fairly calm. I've always loved the spotlight so I just felt natural on stage... plus I had INCREDIBLE players with me, so I knew that we'd be fine... Ok... Sorry for the rant ;)

The point is I'm not new to open mics and I think I've been able to draw from the different styles of other open mic hosts and put together a fun supportive experience.

The stage is a good size... you can definitely fit a 4 piece up there. Plus, the sound system is fantastic with a separate monitor so you can hear yourself! If you've never been to an open stage, you will soon know how important this is!

I also cater to singers who would love the experience of singing into a mic in front of a crowd but just need a guitar player. I have a book full of lyrics (that I bring every week) with a extremely wide and diverse collection of songs to sing that I can play and sing backup. Of course, if you really want to sing something specific that I don't already know... Just let me know the song and chances are I can play a "reasonable faximile". ;-)

So whether you sing or play, you definitely should come out and play a song or two... Or just listen in and have a few cold ones.

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